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       An old post card of the Village of Questa given to me by my father,
                                          Fidel Montoya

This is the story of our ancestors and family who settled and lived in Northern New Mexico towns and villages.  While we continue to search for other genealogical research of the Montoya family, we are proud of the history, as we know it and the stories that have been passed on by our parents, grandparents, other relatives, and friends of the Montoya family. 

This website is dedicated to preserving that history and the heritage of a family that struggled to develop and establish a life style and quality of life in the new frontier of Spain and Mexico. Long before the early settlers docked at Jamestown in 1620, our ancestors traveled more than a century earlier across the Atlantic Ocean to “la Nueva Mexico.”  While governments have changed over the centuries, we are proud to say, “it was the borders that crossed our family settlements and homes, and we are still at home in Northern New Mexico!”   

The history of Questa, our family, the family pictures, and the tribute cuentos on this website are meant to help the upcoming generations of the Montoya family understand and appreciate the long established heritage of the family in Northern New Mexico.  For us old timers, it is a place of reflection, pride, and deep appreciation for the struggle and sacrifices made by our families and who shared and passed on to each of us over the years long established values of love, devotion, and familia. Today our families are from different points across the USA, and we are a blended and diverse family, but still with deep roots from the Montoya family tree. 

Please take a visit of our website and enjoy the history and the memories of our Montoya family, "y los cuentos de mi Papa y de nuestra familia!"  Use the buttons on the left to navigate throughout this site. 

To see some of the Reunion pictures, click on the Reunion logo to see more of the reunion.  The Montoya Family Reunion Memorial Day Weekend in Questa, New Mexico was held May, Friday 27, Saturday 28, Sunday 29, 2005.  This was the first Montoya Reunion in Questa since 1978.  That was 27 years ago!   It was a great reunion and we had a wonderful time seeing and meeting new members of the Montoya Family. 

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